The planetarium is a place where Jaak the Fly tells Roosi about planets and the exciting world of constellations. Also, Jaak’s friend, space correspondent Peter the Fly, reports on news from the Moon. Peter the Fly has dreamed of space travel since he was a little boy. Some time ago, he built a rocket with a rubber engine out of a cucumber barrel and off the Moon he went. Now Peter tells Jaak and Roosi about a great competition between planets where lots of diverse and awesome vehicles race against each other.

The planetarium is located at the Rabbits’ House.

Pig`s House

This is where the pig family lives: mother Helmi, father Helmut and their three children. Helmi the Pig Mother is a well-known and respected inventor. One of her inventions is the Flying Machine for Jumping Over Puddles. Helmut the Pig Father works as a school principal at Gadgetville. His greatest passion in life is having pillow fights. The pig children are, of course, full of mischievous pranks, and they really love pillow fights. The pig family likes to entertain and guests are always welcome there. Since the pigs have a lot of pillows, it is the best place to relax and rest or to change the nappies of the youngest visitors. It’s also a comfy place for mothers to feed their little ones in peace.

Giovanni`s House

Giovanni’s House is where the skyfoxes Giovanni, Julia and their three children. Giovanni used to travel around the sky in a little house attached to a hot-air balloon. When the birds travelling south told him marvellous stories about Gadgetville, Giovanni decided to check it out himself. He immediately took a liking to Gadgetville and stayed here with his family. Giovanni also became an inventor. He uses Julia’s dishes for inventing, and he has already invented a fountain and a radio out of them. Giovanni is currently inventing a computer. At the stage of Giovanni’s House, the village residents will perform plays, dance, sing new and old songs.

Lotte`s House

Lotte’s House is both a toy house as well as a house of games. Here you can find great activities for all tastes: boardgames, chairgames, ceiling games, wall games, plays, dance games, running games.

Jaak`s House

 Last summer, Jaak the fly married the beautiful Latvian fly Ruta. It was love at first sight and the very next day, a sumptuous wedding was held in Gadgetville. The two loveflies now live comfortably in Jaak’s little cottage. Love made Jaak’s brain work overtime. Jaak, whose job is waking up the villagers every morning, has invented dozens of alarm machines. Jaak hung his inventions from trees between the houses, so that the villagers could get to know them and select the alarm of their liking. 


Of course there are moles living in Gadgetville – John and James. Since moles can’t stand the daylight, they live in the dim underground. Other animals, however, do not like bustling around underground. That’s why Oskar invented such great pipes through which they can see how the moles are doing. Every morning Adalbert has a chat with the moles and the moles read him interesting news from the newspaper.

Oskar`s shed

In Oskar’s Shed, you can make toys and invent various machines with Oskar.

Bruno`s House

The ground floor of Bruno’s House has been taken over by fantastic models that depict scenes from the film Lotte’s Journey South. On the first floor, funny machines are waiting for you to try them out. Paula the cat mother is waiting for the children to conduct a fun music lesson.

Rabbit´s House

The Rabbit´s House features strange gadgets and illusions. The house is filled with exciting things from the basement up to the chimney. The stairs are squeaky, strange sounds are coming from the attic. In the Planetarium, the universe will open its secrets to visitors.


At the Stadium of Gadgetville, Mati is helped by Benita the cow. This is where training for various events take place and exciting competitions are held.


Here are statues for all old inventors. The first resident of Gadgetville was Ladybird Uku and his statue is right on the first square of the village, at the train station. The statues of other old inventors can be found on Sculpture Square. Here we have Sven the Weasel, Kusti the Dog and other important names. Gadgetville loves to remember its inventors. On every Midsummer Night and on Christmas Day, the whole village gathers at Sculpture Square where the villagers play fun games, tell funny stories and sing beautiful songs.


As a young man, Leo built himself a boat. One he could both sail and paddle with. Leo named his boat after his lovely grandmother – Loreida! A boat must always have a woman’s name because that is the tradition. A woman’s name brings good fortune, and that is something every sailor needs.

Since both Loreida and Leo are old now and do not sail the seas anymore, she needed a place to stay and spend her old age in peace. So, Leo built Loreida a fancy boat house.

Photo studio

You can now remember the happy moments among friends and family in a unique Lotte Village photo studio. Choose your favourite background, take a photo and print it out on a photopaper right away.

The Tower of the Discovery of the Internet

Tiny Internet men live in the Tower of the Discovery of the Internet. You cannot see them with the naked eye, but you may spot the little men of the lower floors with a magnifying glass. The higher up you go, the faster and quicker little men you will see.

The Elektrumijaam Watermill

The Elektrumijaam Watermill is a very important place for the village because it provides the entire village with power. As is well known, electricity makes life more comfortable. The watermill keeps working and the icicles in the cold storage of Doctor Ave sing their merry tunes. And no one has to read a storybook in the dim light. Every child knows that reading in the dark is bad for your eyes. Electricity’s great friend, Albert the hare often comes to have a chat with him at the Elektrum Power Station. Sometimes they visit electricity’s grandfather together.

The Library of Gadgetville

Quite a lot of books are read in Gadgetville. When there is a little rain or even thunder, it is nice to climb under the dining table at home and read an adventure story with your right eye and a fairy tale with your left eye. However, when the sun is shining, it is nice to go to the Library of Gadgetville, located between the trees, climb into one of the hammocks and read books to each other. The best readers are those who can do it in a funny voice. For instance, people come from as far as the neighbouring village to hear Adalbert the hare read book

The Area of Friendly Energy

Friendly energy is kind and helpful. When your smart device has run out of energy or needs and extra spark on a hot summer day, friendly energy will come to your aid. While the smart device is charging, the owner can lie in a hammock and read a gripping book, because a nice little library is neighbouring the area of friendly energy.

Beach Boat

The Beach Boat has travelled all the oceans of the world. It is retired now and is happy when children come and play with it.


Dr Ave lives in her clinic so that she can always help a patient in need. The clinic has everything necessary and right next to it stands a greenhouse for icicles. Sometimes it happens that the villagers just go to Dr Ave’s clinic to chat with her. Dr Ave is very smart and chatting with a smart rabbit would be interesting for anybody. For example, Dr Ave knows that stubbornness is like a bump; it sometimes just bumps out and makes a lot of fuss. She knows that you simply need to cure it with a birch rod, and everything is fine again.