Summer season 2024

Summer 2024 in Lotte Village will be especially festive!
There is a good reason to celebrate! This summer, Lotte Village turns 10, and immediately thereafter, Adalbert the Rabbit will celebrate his anniversary as well.

In Gadgetville, it is customary that every resident can celebrate their anniversary only three times in life, and when to do so is totally up to them. This summer, Adalbert the Rabbit decided he was ready for his grand birthday. And whenever Adalbert is involved, visitors to the theme park can expect plenty of fun, adventures and unexpected twists.

Open from June 8 to August 30 every day 10:00-18:00!

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In Reiu village, Pärnu county, there is a mystical place where fairy tales and reality meet, your sense of time disappears and a smile just magically appears on your face. This place is like a magnet for adults and kids, boys and girls alike.

Of course, this place is LOTTE VILLAGE – Largest theme park for the whole family in the Baltics!

The theme park that you know and love from cartoons, musicals and books can be reached both by train and on foot. Visitors are welcomed by different friendly creatures – rabbits, dogs, cats, weasels and many more. All of them have a different way of looking at things, and play different roles in the village life, but they all teach children how to understand complicated matters with the help of their mouth, eyes and humor.

There are activities for the entire family. You can have fun with the main characters Lotte, Bruno and Albert, get creative with Oskar, learn about gardening with Anna, make music with Paula, play sport with Mati, enjoy wonderful theatre performances and the mid-day concert, challenge yourself at the adventure park and visit fantastic homes full of exciting inventions.

On a warm summer’s day, you can also take a short break from adventures and restore your energy by lying on the beach or having a snack on the terrace of the beach café. Artur’s shop also offers many wonderful souvenirs to remind you of your fun day.

The Lotte Village program lasts for the whole day. We recommend that you allow yourself at least 4 hours to get the most out of the program and to check out all the inventions and attractions.