Lovers’ Bridge

Lovers’ Bridge is a place of great importance in Gadgetville. The significance of this place cannot be overstated, as it is where all the young lovers of Gadgetville come to watch the sunrise or sunset together. Sometimes there are quite a few couples on the bridge, but with eyes blurred with love, they only notice each other. The bridge is also a firm favourite among all the Gadgetville children, who skip across it giggling with joy, because there are fish living under the bridge. Naturally, the kids need to stop by and greet them every day. The fish are busy learning maths because, well, maths is so interesting! As many couples there are on the bridge during the day, that’s how big a maths problem the fish have to solve by evening. But sometimes, couples in love even come to the bridge at night to gaze at each other’s eyes and the stars, making the fish’s mathematics an incredibly complex science.