The Raft

Scientists Karl and Viktor arrived in Gadgetville on this raft. Karl the Raccoon and Viktor the Fish collected ancient folk songs from all over the world, but while they were at sea, they were struck by a sudden illness. The laughing gulls had infected them with their contagious laughter and the raft drifted onto the beach, ending up in Gadgetville. Since Dr Ave has a medicine for every illness, drops for every virus and an ointment for every bump, our little song collectors luckily got a healing tincture for their illness and were able to continue their work soon after. But since Gadgetville is home to many different species and cultures, and many of the songs that are sung there come from ancient times, Karl and Viktor decided to stay in the village longer and then continue their journey over land. The raft is meanwhile sitting at the bay, waiting for the scientists to return from their exciting journey.