We are open from 17.-18.12 | 26.-30.12, from 12.00 to 16.00.

12.00 Lotte Village WINTER WONDERLAND opens
12.00-16.00 Stadium: Sporty winter games
12.15-15.30 Rabbits’ House: Planetarium audio show
12.15 Stadium: Winter sports with Mati and Benita
12.30 Starting from Stadium: Mati’s winter marathon
13.00 Klaus’s Storyground: Show “Lollipop”
13.30 Fairground: Lotte, Bruno, Albert and other villagers play with children
14.00 Giovanni’s Theatre: Show “CHRISTMAS DAY”
14.30 Fairground: CONCERT
15.00 Dr Ave’s Clinic: Play “Important Day”
15.30 Jaak’s House and Train Station: Noisemaking at Jaak’s House and sending off visitors to Train Station
16.00 Lotte Village WINTER WONDERLAND closes

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SHOW “LOLLIPOP” at 13.00

Hubert the Duckling is bored and, to be honest, he hasn’t had a lollipop in quite a while. Hubert now has to find cunning ways to wrap her mother and uncle Leo around his finger and persuade them to bring him some sweets! Such cunning ways that would not only get him some sweets but also make the grownups think that they were the ones who wanted to bring him the goodies. And so they think sweets are actually very healthy and that they had no choice in the whole matter!


Lotte, Roosi, Bruno and Albert are having fun in the woods on Christmas Day. As the day is still young, they invent a new exciting game. In this game, one of the children has to begin a story and the next has to take over. Together, it’s so much fun to turn it into a total hodgepodge of a tale.
At that point, Jaak the Fly returns from his daily morning wake-up round and also decides to join the game. And once Jaak the Fly is in, everyone knows it will only get funnier from now on. All this ruckus also wakes Wolfgang the Christmas Rabbit up from his daily nap.
And what would a funny Christmas story be without dancing and singing!


Dr Ave and Mihkel are enjoying their first winter of marriage. They go to the woods to scare off germs and hunt for bacilli. Meanwhile, Kalev the snowman and Lemme the snowwoman reach Dr Ave’s house. Roosi and Lotte have made small snow children for them, and Kalev and Lemme show the children around Gadgetville. But next to Dr Ave’s clinic, Lemme’s motherly heart tells her that one of the snow children has developed a fever and a cough. Kalev suspects that a bad bug is pestering the other little one too. But Dr Ave is nowhere to be found!