08.06-30.08 FROM 10.00 TO 18.00

10.00 Opening of Lotte Village Theme Park
10.00-17.30 Planetarium at the Rabbits’ House: Audiovisual story about the journey in the outer space (Estonian, Russian, English, Latvian)
10.15-17.45 Stadium: Sports games with Gadgetville residents
10.15-13.35 Jaak the Fly’s House: Jaak’s noisemaking and playroom
10.40 Bruno’s House: Cheerful songs with Paula the Cat
11.00 Alex’s Power Station: Performance for the little ones “Uku’s Trip”
11.30 Stadium: Sporty relay race with Mati the Cat and Benita the Cow
11.45 Stadium: Mati’s marathon around Gadgetville
12.00 Alex’s Power Station: Performance “Gamma Rays”
12.30 Garden of Lotte’s House: Anna and Liisa’s apple story
12.30 Klaus’s Storyground: Ruta the Fly and her friends take Latvian-speaking children on a short trip around Gadgetville
13.00 Klaus’s Storyground: Performance “Invitation to the Jubilee”
13.30 Stadium: “Science Theatre
14.00 Giovanni’s Terrace: Performance “Commotion with the Jubilee Song”
15.00 Giovanni’s stage: Performance “Lotte and Albert in the Dream World”
15.45 Fairground: Jubilee preparations
16.00 Fairground: Adalbert’s jubilee concert
16.40 Fairground: Jubilee parade
17.00 Dr Ave’s Clinic: Performance “Jubilee Song”
17.30 Jaak the Fly’s House: Joint concert of a birds’ quartet and jubilee participants
18.00 Closing of Lotte Village Theme Park