Lotte Village is currently CLOSED to visitors.
We will be open again in the summer, from 12 June to 29 August 2021.

2021 Summer programme is under evelopment. We will publish it soon!

Exciting summertime at Lotte Village!

In the early morning, Jaak the Fly flies all around Gadgetville making a huge noise to wake everyone up, and after their breakfast pancakes, all the villagers wait excitedly for guests.

Lotte, Bruno and Albert skip to the train station to collect their first friends.

Mati the Cat brings the villagers and all the visitors together in the stadium early in the day so that everyone can run a fun day-breaker marathon.

Once you have warmed up, you can continue doing other things that keep you equally warm: you can do crafts with Oskar; learn about gardening and plants with Anna; make music with Paula, play fun games with Lotte, Bruno, and Albert; watch entertaining shows with the whole family; and visit the Gadgetville villagers’ cosy houses, where you can find many exciting things to do and see.

The day goes by quickly, and when evening arrives, the villagers hug and wave goodbye to their visitors at the gate. Their friends go home with songs and games, and everyone, even the smallest, knows that THIS FRIENDSHIP is forever.