We open again on June 6th 2020!
We open again on June 6th 2020!



12.00–16.00 Opening hours of Lotte Village Winter Wonderland

12.00–16.00 Lotte’s House: Decorating gingerbread cookies with Anna

12.00–16.00 Bruno’s House: Playing board games with Paula

12.00–16.00 Rabbits’ House: Handicraft with Sohvi

12.00–16.00 Oskar’s Shed: Inventing

12.00–16.00 Stadium: Winter sports with Mati and Benita

12.15–15.30 Rabbits’ House: Planetarium

12.15 Stadium: Winter games and warm-up for the marathon

12.30 Stadium: Mati’s marathon

13.00 Giovanni’s Theatre: Play ”Song Festival on the Moon”

13.00 Starting from Lotte’s House: “Ruta’s Trip to Gadgetville” (in Latvian)

13.45 Lotte’s House: Anna’s story “Oskar’s Journey”

14.30 Fairground: Concert

15.00 Dr Ave’s Clinic: Play “A Good Day”

15.30 Stadium: Winter sports and fun games

16.00 Winter Wonderland closes