We are open!
We are open!

Lotte-Bruno’s cabin

One of the nicest things in life is to lie in a seaside tree cabin, looking at the sea and dreaming that one day you will sail to Saaremaa over the blue sea. This is exactly the cabin that Lotte and Bruno invented for themselves. If any visitors of Lotteland would like to lie in their cabin, look at the sea and dream, then they are welcome. It will make Lotte and Bruno happy. Dreaming adds excitement to life.

Klaus´s travel ship

Klaus the old travelling dog went to Hiiumaa Island to make sure that the Kõpu lighthouse was still in its old place. It was and Klaus headed for home. But a storm was rising in the meantime and all the ships were sheltering in the harbour. Only one old and courageous ship agreed to cross the sea and take Klaus back to Gadgetville. Klaus and the ship became firm friends and the ship decided to settle in Gadgetville. Now the ship lives in the wood at the sea and Klaus often goes and has clever conversations with her. And if Klaus can’t be bothered to return home for the night, you can hear pleasant snoring in the woods. The ship snores, making a creaking and crepitating sound, and Klaus snores, sighing and smacking his lips.

Pig Mother Helmi’s flying machine

Pig Mother Helmi has pottered on a peculiar gadget for a year already – it is an apparatus for flying over puddles. Now Helmi has finished her invention and all the Gadgetville visitors can also fly over puddles using it. But if anyone would like to jump down in the middle of the flight then you are welcome to it, fresh mud is nice and good for your health. And surely Helmi will find some dry clothes for you afterwards.

Doctor Ave’s greenhouse

Some doctors heal patients with hot birch leaves or pickled reindeer moss but doctor Ave uses icicles. All the patients with big bruises, bad mood or heads that have been overheated by too much thinking get help in doctor Ave’s hospital. In order to have a fresh supply of icicles at hand, Doctor Ave invented the greenhouse of icicles. When you water the icicles properly every day, you can overcome all diseases.

Dummy machine

Dummyland is the real home of dummies. Little dummies go to kindergarten there, eat pancakes made by their mothers, play with their sisters and brothers and romp with their fathers. In the evening they all climb on rooftops, watch the moon and wave to the three-eared moon rabbits. For a short while dummies visit us, befriending small children. But only for a short time because soon the dummies will become homesick. To help the dummies to get safely back to the Dummieland, Oskar built a dummy machine. A dummy just has to climb into the machine. Oskar pulls the lever and there it is, the familiar and dear Dummieland!

Lemonade machine

Lemonade machine is Giovanni’s penultimate invention. It is possible to get several different kinds of lemonade here. The lemonade is special because of its bubbles that are playful, speak several languages and like to play kula.

Oskar’s flying machine

Oskar’s flying machine took Lotte and her friends to the judo competitions in Japan. Now visitors can make a circle above Lotteland with it.