KARAOKELAND, the winner of our GREAT INVENTION COMPETITION 2022, reminds us about how much we need entertainment so that we can forget about our daily worries.
The creator behind the winning concept, 11-year-old Erki Nõmm, knows that many kids love singing since it’s so uplifting. Karaoke is a wonderful opportunity to sing and have fun at the same time. It also boosts your confidence and courage to perform. There is no grand stage in Karaokeland for a reason: our little performers are still mustering up their courage. Here you can practice without any disruptions and be cheered on by your Gadgetville friends, so you can be ready to conquer big stages one day.

Scream Tube

The winners of Lotte Village’s GREAT INVENTION COMPETITION 2021 are 5-year-old Albert Laidre and 2-year-old Uku Laidre. Their invention helps us to cope with emotions, which from time to time can tend to take over.
The scream tube is a device into which you can send your emotions and feelings. Since all tantrums are biodegradable, one end of the scream tube leads to the ground. The filter at the end of the tube prevents the tantrum from infecting others. The other end of the tube features a speaker. When you laugh into it, everyone’s faces will light up.

The helping glove

The winner of the 2023 GREAT INVENTION COMPETITION of Lotte Village is an invention built after Anni Hanson’s (aged 7) idea of a LEFT HAND GLOVE.

Anni’s left hand is not working properly. To overcome this limitation, she invented the glove that is both equipped with a magnet as well as covered with Velcro, allowing her to grasp her soft toys and a toothpaste tube. Her invention helps to keep hold of different objects while she is twisting the toothpaste cap or combing the hair of her toy.

Here in Gadgetville we all have our peculiar sense of humour and world view, our unique quirks and perks, but we all agree that everything starts with friendship, kindness and caring for one another! Goodness makes life interesting!


Winner of the SEB and Lotte Village GREAT INVENTION COMPETITION 2019 Eleonora (5 years) and Gustav Juhkam’s (3 years) JOY METRE.

Well, who would not like to know their level of joy? Of course, there are no dour faces in Gadgetville and that is why this invention only measures joyful, very joyful and super-duper joyful levels of joy. If it appears in the morning that your joy level is only between joyful and very joyful, you quickly need to make some great jokes with Lotte or check out some of Adalbert’s inventions. After that, the joy metre reading will definitely be at the maximum possible level.


Winner of the SEB, airBaltic and Lotte Village GREAT INVENTION COMPETITION 2020 Emili Matjušenko’s (11 years) SAVE OUR PLANET.

Trees and bushes are much loved in Gadgetville and that is why Emili’s invention fascinated the villagers a lot. If an invention produces tree seeds, it is definitely a valuable thing! Dr Ave knows that birch trees give both birch sap and birch rods. Eduard the Bear, meanwhile, loves to lie under the great rowan tree and have beautiful dreams, and rabbits hold their important meetings in the branches of old chestnut trees. Trees are just wonderful!


Winner of the SEB and Lotte Village GREAT INVENTION COMPETITION 2018 Emili and Mattias Kõonurm’s CANDY WRAPPER OPENER.

Everybody in Gadgetville cheered when Emili and Mattias came up with such a useful invention. Just imagine, after a few simple moves, a whole mouthful of sweetness opens before you, and you only need to pick it up and put it in your mouth.

Oskar’s flying machine

Oskar’s flying machine took Lotte and her friends to the judo competitions in Japan. Now visitors can make a circle above Lotteland with it.


This is Oskar’s invention, and this was the motorcycle Lotte, Oskar and Klaus rode on when the Moonstone’s secret had to be solved. The adventure came to a surprising end and the Gadgetville residents made some new friends – Moon Rabbits!


Before Oskar married Anna and they had their little Lotte, Oskar had already become a great young inventor. He invented many interesting and important things, and among other inventions, he also invented a car. A young dog sometimes needs to pay a visit to the neighbouring village. To get there fast, he needs a car.

Flower-Watering Machine

This is a really cool invention by Oskar – it’s perfect for watering the flowers growing in the pond or just splashing water on a hot summer’s day. Oskar built it for his little Roosi when she was still a toddler and wanted to water flowers in the garden all day long. Mum Anna thought that overwatering the flowers was not such a great idea and asked Oskar to build something fun that their daughter could use whenever she feels like it. In the evenings, Roosi goes to the garden and helps her mum out with her little watering can, carefully watering the flowers growing there, but on hot days she and other children have fun splashing around with water and watering the flowers growing in the pond.

Anna’s flower-planting machine

Oskar invented this machine for his lovely wife Anna, and this is a machine for planting flowers. Anna loves bustling around in the garden, and she has quite a big one. There are many carrots, strawberries and different flowers growing in Anna’s garden. Well, what could be a better invention for a gardener than a machine that helps to do gardening? Oskar is a great father to Lotte and Roosi and an excellent husband for Anna. After all, he’s the greatest inventor!


This is also Oskar’s invention and designed to help Anna while gardening. Picking carrots with this machine is a piece of cake and it also measures the carrots at the same time. Of course, the bigger carrots go into pies and the smaller ones into soup. But the loveliest and juiciest go right into Lotte and Roosi’s bellies


This is Oskar’s invention. Crane is a necessary tool for all builders. Since there are neither hardware stores nor factories in Gadgetville, the inventors constantly need to decide how and with what to build. When the houses of Gadgetville were being built, there was a desperate need for cranes, so Oskar invented the CRANE.


One evening Adalbert the Rabbit was at home and had a craving for cornballs. He peeked into cans and jars, this pot and that, but he could not find anything. But true inventors never lose heart, so Adalbert immediately invented the cornball machine. Now everybody in the village loves this machine. As soon as the craving for cornballs kicks in, they can make themselves some with the machine.


This is Adalbert’s first invention. When Adalbert the Rabbit was a young inventor, he desperately wanted to impress the rabbit carrying a suitcase, so he asked Theodor to visit him to present his first invention. Theodor brought along some more important rabbits and everybody came to admire Adalbert’s invention. But unfortunately, the invention did not work. Despite its groaning and moaning it simply refused to turn on. Then Oskar lent Adalbert a little bit of electricity and the invention roared and turned on. The roar was such that it knocked the important rabbits’ socks off, and this is how the new invention got its distinguished name: tram!


Dr Ave is passionate about treating illnesses. She especially likes it when the illness is not visible to the naked eye and she needs to look for it like a detective. Usually, Dr Ave uses icicles to treat illnesses, and she has a lot of them. Some have berries in them, and some have mushrooms. There is a different prescription for each illness.
Sometimes, when a Gadgetville resident gets his invention wrong and starts feeling low and tears start welling up in his eyes, Dr Ave is there with her medicine. One good ice-cream always helps; therefore, Dr Ave has invented the ice-cream machine

Doctor Ave’s greenhouse

Some doctors heal patients with hot birch leaves or pickled reindeer moss but doctor Ave uses icicles. All the patients with big bruises, bad mood or heads that have been overheated by too much thinking get help in doctor Ave’s hospital. In order to have a fresh supply of icicles at hand, Doctor Ave invented the greenhouse of icicles. When you water the icicles properly every day, you can overcome all diseases.


It was the most important day of the village – there was the INVENTION COMPETITION! All the animals had brought their inventions before the judges. This time Oskar brought a washing machine that also did the ironing. Helmi the Pig Mother invented a machine for jumping over muddy puddles, Klaus again showed off his travel suitcase, but Väino’s machine exploded already well before the competition had even started. Adalbert the Rabbit had a curious smile on his face and ran around his brand new and fancy invention. He claimed that his invention would definitely beat Oskar’s invention hands down. The judges also saw Adalbert’s machine as an interesting and well-working one. It sliced carrots extremely fast. Suddenly though, something unexpected happened. Adalbert’s invention fell apart and unveiled his wife Sohvi, who was sitting inside the machine rapidly slicing carrots. With that, Adalbert’s invention got disqualified, and the village discouraged his idea to hide his wife inside any of the inventions in the future.

Klaus´s travel ship

Klaus the old travelling dog went to Hiiumaa Island to make sure that the Kõpu lighthouse was still in its old place. It was and Klaus headed for home. But a storm was rising in the meantime and all the ships were sheltering in the harbour. Only one old and courageous ship agreed to cross the sea and take Klaus back to Gadgetville. Klaus and the ship became firm friends and the ship decided to settle in Gadgetville. Now the ship lives in the wood at the sea and Klaus often goes and has clever conversations with her. And if Klaus can’t be bothered to return home for the night, you can hear pleasant snoring in the woods. The ship snores, making a creaking and crepitating sound, and Klaus snores, sighing and smacking his lips.


Klaus the Travelling Dog used to be a good traveler. He embarked on his first long trip when he was just a young dog. Klaus’s mom’s nose got a little damp, but Klaus’s dad said it was not only the school that made children smart; travelling did too. And this is how Klaus went on his first long trip. He went on and on until he was back in Gadgetville. This is when Klaus understood that the world is not flat like a pancake but instead round as a ball. When Klaus became older, he invented a nice tool – a scooter – to assist him on his trips. Now uncle Klaus is riding his scooter, and besides being its good friend, the scooter is also his moving home. When the night falls and Klaus is on his trip, he just jumps into his travel suitcase and sleeps in there. When there is a sandstorm in the desert, the suitcase offers a good hideaway, and when it is raining, it is perfect for just lying in.


Giovanni the Fox usually invents using his wife Julia’s kitchen tools. Of course, Julia does not like it much because there is always some important pot or potato masher that has gone missing. One day Giovanni was inventing behind the kitchen table so intensely that sweat pearls started gleaming on his forehead, but the invention simply did not turn on. Fortunately, Lotte walked by, recognised uncle Giovanni’s problem and gave him some good advice: “Uncle Giovanni, use a sieve!” Giovanni put a sieve into his invention and the fountain was promptly finished! The fountain is a valuable invention because it is fun to watch the water play, and on Saturday evenings it also dispenses carrot lemonade.


The Gadgetville river is teeming with fish, and they too are the residents of the village! Fish kids study math under the lovers’ bridge. The one that gets his answer right receives a tasty pancake. Pancakes are also made in the river as the mommies and daddies of the fish kids work at the pancake factory. Early in the morning, you can go and catch the tastiest pancakes from the pancake factory. To have fluffy and tasty pancakes, you need to water them well, and that’s why Giovanni invented the pancake watering machine!

Lemonade machine

Lemonade machine is Giovanni’s penultimate invention. It is possible to get several different kinds of lemonade here. The lemonade is special because of its bubbles that are playful, speak several languages and like to play kula.


Väino is a great weasel whose lifelong dream has been to have a machine that would make warm bread.
Väino knows that to make bread you need to put a red brick into the machine, and after pulling the lever right, warm brown bread pops out from the other end of the machine.
However, it has not happened yet.
Instead Väino has got cones, nuts, right foot boots and other knick-knacks, but no bread just yet. But he has not lost hope and keeps inventing. He stretches the machine’s driving belt and turns the bolts. One day Väino will get his bread, WHATEVER IT TAKES

Pig Mother Helmi’s flying machine

Pig Mother Helmi has pottered on a peculiar gadget for a year already – it is an apparatus for flying over puddles. Now Helmi has finished her invention and all the Gadgetville visitors can also fly over puddles using it. But if anyone would like to jump down in the middle of the flight then you are welcome to it, fresh mud is nice and good for your health. And surely Helmi will find some dry clothes for you afterwards.

Lotte-Bruno’s cabin

One of the nicest things in life is to lie in a seaside tree cabin, looking at the sea and dreaming that one day you will sail to Saaremaa over the blue sea. This is exactly the cabin that Lotte and Bruno invented for themselves. If any visitors of Lotteland would like to lie in their cabin, look at the sea and dream, then they are welcome. It will make Lotte and Bruno happy. Dreaming adds excitement to life.


For a long time Jaak the Fly was a bachelor and lived in his little blue house in the middle of the forest all alone. He quite liked it and had no plans to get married.
However, one day he met the lovely fly girl Ruta.
Ruta is a Latvian fly from Riga. She loves hiking and this is how she ended up in Gadgetville where she met Jaak. Jaak and Ruta fell in love at first sight and their big wedding party lasted for the whole summer. When the autumn came, they went together to visit Ruta’s parents in Latvia and there Jaak had the idea to start teaching proper noisemaking. This is how Jaak and Ruta established their noisemaking workshop.

Dummy machine

Dummyland is the real home of dummies. Little dummies go to kindergarten there, eat pancakes made by their mothers, play with their sisters and brothers and romp with their fathers. In the evening they all climb on rooftops, watch the moon and wave to the three-eared moon rabbits. For a short while dummies visit us, befriending small children. But only for a short time because soon the dummies will become homesick. To help the dummies to get safely back to the Dummieland, Oskar built a dummy machine. A dummy just has to climb into the machine. Oskar pulls the lever and there it is, the familiar and dear Dummieland!

The Wacky Well

The Wacky Well is a great mystery in Gadgetville. No one knows who invented the well; it just appeared one day. You can’t get water from this well, you can only shout into it. And the well responds to you however it wants. At first, it seemed weird to the villagers, but now everyone is used to the Wacky Well.