Klaus the Travelling Dog used to be a good traveler. He embarked on his first long trip when he was just a young dog. Klaus’s mom’s nose got a little damp, but Klaus’s dad said it was not only the school that made children smart; travelling did too. And this is how Klaus went on his first long trip. He went on and on until he was back in Gadgetville. This is when Klaus understood that the world is not flat like a pancake but instead round as a ball. When Klaus became older, he invented a nice tool – a scooter – to assist him on his trips. Now uncle Klaus is riding his scooter, and besides being its good friend, the scooter is also his moving home. When the night falls and Klaus is on his trip, he just jumps into his travel suitcase and sleeps in there. When there is a sandstorm in the desert, the suitcase offers a good hideaway, and when it is raining, it is perfect for just lying in.