It was the most important day of the village – there was the INVENTION COMPETITION! All the animals had brought their inventions before the judges. This time Oskar brought a washing machine that also did the ironing. Helmi the Pig Mother invented a machine for jumping over muddy puddles, Klaus again showed off his travel suitcase, but Väino’s machine exploded already well before the competition had even started. Adalbert the Rabbit had a curious smile on his face and ran around his brand new and fancy invention. He claimed that his invention would definitely beat Oskar’s invention hands down. The judges also saw Adalbert’s machine as an interesting and well-working one. It sliced carrots extremely fast. Suddenly though, something unexpected happened. Adalbert’s invention fell apart and unveiled his wife Sohvi, who was sitting inside the machine rapidly slicing carrots. With that, Adalbert’s invention got disqualified, and the village discouraged his idea to hide his wife inside any of the inventions in the future.