Bruno the kitten is gentle and reserved and he is Lotte’s best friend. He prefers to let Lotte make all the important decisions. However, he is as smart as Lotte. Bruno’s mother wants his son to become a famous musician. Bruno’s father sees his son as a future world champion in discus throwing. Bruno however dreams of becoming a gardener.


Lotte is a cheerful and inquisitive puppy girl. She has a tomboy’s liveliness and recklessness but she has also got a fair share of girlish tenderness and sensitivity. Lotte is the very soul of all the ventures, every new adventure makes her eyes shine and her heart beat faster. Lotte will certainly invent some necessary things when she grows up. At present she prefers to play and swim in the sea with her friends Bruno the Kitten and Albert the young hare.


Roosi is the puppy girl Lotte’s little sister. Just like big sister Lotte, little Roosi is a brave and joyful puppy girl. Roosi is also a very curious puppy who loves to learn. Just like Lotte, Roosi’s eyes spark up whenever there is a new adventure awaiting ahead. Roosi’s best friend and greatest role model is her big sister Lotte; but, of course, her dearest is her mother, Anna. As exciting as her adventures are, cuddling up with her mom in the evening is still the best.


Lotte’s father Oskar is the best inventor in Gadgetville. First and foremost Oskar’s world consists of his inventions. He completes all the gadgets that he sets out to construct. At the same time Oskar is a pleasant and understanding father. When he has to choose between playing with Lotte and inventing another gadget, he always chooses the first option.


Mati the cat, Bruno father, is a fine athlete and hammer thrower. His attempts at beating the world record often take him far from home. But Mati always returns. Sometimes these return journeys turn into real peregrinations but above all, Mati holds dear his home and family.


Bruno’s mother Paula has dabbled in music in her youth. So she dreams of Bruno becoming a famous musician. She is averse to sports, she doesn’t want Bruno to fly around in the world with the hammer like his father before him.


Albert’s father Adalbert the hare longs to be the most famous inventor. Then he would be the most important hare in Gadgetville. However, Adalbert is impatient and restless, never properly finishing anything and that is the reason why he constantly fails. But Adalbert is an inveterate optimist, not letting setbacks to discourage him.


Albert’s mother Sohvi loves her family boundlessly. So she forgives Adalbert all his attempts to achieve the title of the best inventor using dishonest tricks. Albert and Sohvi have a close and confidential relationship and she always finds a good solution to his son’s problems.

Iron Duck Pauliine

Iron Duck Pauliine is a genuine colourful Australian iron duck, a great friend of Klaus who came directly from Australia.

When Klaus travelled the world for the first time, he reached a place in Australia where everything was made of iron. The sand, the trees and even kids’ toys. During his travels, Klaus had become hungry and he popped into a café, but where there’s a lot of iron, a magnet immediately appears. In this café the knives, forks and spoons were never in a cup or holder, but on the waiters’ feathers. Pauliine was a waitress in one such café. Pauliine and Klaus immediately became great friends and Klaus invited Pauliine to visit him in Gadgetville.

The Pig Siblings

Iti, Kusti and Gunnar, the children of Helmi the Pig and Helmut the Pig, are quite a mischievous bunch, and of course, every day deserves at least one little piggy prank. Or two. The favourite pastime of pig siblings is pillow fighting, and the most fun way to play it is with their super cool dad.

Doctor Ave

Doctor Ave is a hare who likes to heal people. In her case there is an icicle for every bruise, a plantain leaf for every graze and soothing beetroot balm for every blister. Doctor Ave is eagerly looking forward to someone needing her help and her hospital is open round-the-clock. There are no diseases that wouldn’t tremble at the mention of doctor Ave’s name.


Jaak the fly thinks that he is the most important person in Gadgetville. His job is to wake everybody in Gadgetville in the morning and get them to bed in the evening. Jaak takes his job very seriously. He knows that those who won’t sleep well at night will sulk around next day.


Ruta is a pretty fly girl whose home is in Latvia, in a beautiful city called Riga. Ruta really likes hiking and as soon as the warm summer weather has arrived, Ruta sets out on a longer trip. Last year Ruta arrived at Gadgetville. Here she met Jaak the fly. It was love at the first sight and it was followed by a grand wedding.


Giovanni the fox is an enthusiastic inventor who uses in his gadgets the objects that he finds in his kitchen. Giovanni’s spirited wife Julia fiercely protests when this happens. But when Giovanni demonstrates a radio set built into a soup pot or a fountain constructed from cutlery Julia is always very proud of her husband.


Julia is a sky-fox like her husband Giovanni. Julia’s favourite occupation is cooking. Unfortunately it is far from easy. Giovanni has become convinced that a real invention could only be achieved by using kitchen utensils. Julia keeps fighting for her kettles and frying pans and there are never real quarrels in their house. For it is really quite nice to sit in front of the radio constructed of plates, spoons and a big sieve and listen to the latest news from the wide world.


Lotte’s mother Anna makes the best pancakes in Gadgetville. Anna is happy with all the gadgets that Oskar has invented to make household chores easier. She also likes that Lotte very much resembles herself as a girl.


Leo is an old seaman, now a harbour captain. Leo was just a small boy when he realised he wanted to become a seaman. Leo’s grandmother often gently took him into her arms and hushed him to sleep. On his grandmother’s hands, Leo felt as if he was on a boat swaying on the waves. As Leo grew older, he decided he was going to sail all the seas of the world. After such sailing, it is good to start thinking about your retirement. Leo heard the birds praise the life in Gadgetville as they migrated to the south. So, he set sail for Gadgetville in his boat to check it out. Of course, the birds were telling the truth – Gadgetville is a wonderful place to live!


Oskar’s childhood friend and deskmate Klaus is an old rover dog. In his travels he has circled the world twice – first from right to left and the second time from left to right. Both times he returned safely. Now Klaus likes to lie in his suitcase, play harmonica and tell the children of Gadgetville exciting stories about his travels.


When iron duck Pauliine arrived in Gadgetville from Australia, she had an iron egg with her. After a while, a little duckling hatched from the egg. Now Hubert is already a little boy, a bit spoiled and clever as a cabbage worm. Hubert loves lollipops more than anything, and neither his mother nor Uncle Klaus, let alone Leo the Seal, can resist Hubert’s craftiness, ensuring he never runs out of lollipops.


Benita is a friendly cow who loves sports above all else. From a very young age, Benita excelled at high jumps over fences, long jumps in sand dunes and races against herself in the garden. At one point, her parents started to worry and thought about nudging her towards fine arts instead. They sent her to study the oboe, do ballet classes and choir singing, but Benita only loved to run, jump and skip. Finally Benita’s parents realised that this was their daughter’s one big dream, and from then on, they fully supported her journey as an aspiring athlete. Today, Benita spends all of her waking hours in Gadgetville’s stadium, tirelessly sharing her knowledge on how to run best, jump highest and skip with the most grace.


Masha is a young bear girl who is also a fairly recent arrival to Gadgetville. Before this, she used to live in St Petersburg, quite close to a cinema. Masha loved cartoons so much that she used to watch every cartoon that ever ran in the cinema, even peeking through the wall cracks to just catch a glimpse. She was particularly fond of the cartoon about Lotte from Gadgetville and she wanted to know if such a lovely village actually existed. So, she set out on a journey and finally arrived in Gadgetville. On her first day, Masha was very shy and peered at village life from behind a bush, but soon she realised that the residents of Gadgetville are indeed very friendly, and dared to come out. She became friends with everyone and now also lives in Gadgetville. As Masha is fluent in Russian, she makes a lot of friends among the Russian-speaking children in the village.


Albert the young hare is a friend of Lotte and Bruno. But Albert has got another loyal friend – a cucumber. Albert enjoys talking to the cucumber about various things. Albert is also able to notice the things that Lotte and Bruno tend to overlook at first. Albert dreams of becoming a cook.


Väino the weasel is the most tenacious inventor in Gadgetville. For several years he has tried to make warm brown bread out of a brick. In the first year he managed to make sawdust instead of brown bread, followed by several handfuls of chestnuts and acorns, a couple of dozen right and left foot socks, three soup kettles, two harmonicas, peas, carrots and a bagful of fir cones. Väino is a bachelor but he has promised to find a wife as soon as he has managed to get warm brown bread. His future wife will be the first one to take a bite of the bread.


There are many different insects living in Gadgetville. Ants are the most numerous, they have even built three big houses to live in. Ladybirds mainly live in the trees. They have their small houses, a café, a carpentry, a sauna and a library there. Grasshoppers dwell in small huts made of twigs and grasses in summer. They have no time to build larger cottages, their orchestra plays sweet night melodies for the villagers in all the summer nights on the seaside in the branches of an old conker tree. When autumn comes, grasshoppers move to the attic of Lotte’s house, resting there until the next summer. Only on New Year’s Eve do they come down and party with the other villagers till morning.


In the olden days, the residents of Gadgetville decided that their village deserved a visit from Santa Claus. They drew lots, and luck smiled upon the rabbits. The first Santa Claus in Gadgetville was Julius the Rabbit. Many years have passed since then, and the role of the Christmas Rabbit has been passed down from father to son. Today, the role of Santa Claus in Gadgetville is filled by Wolfgang the rabbit, who is the great-great-great-grandson of the very first Christmas Rabbit. When it’s not Christmas time, Wolfgang is, of course, an inventor, and he really loves to invent children’s toys.


Mihkel the Rabbit is a fine young man, who arrived in Gadgetville quite recently. As Mihkel’s toe had got stuck behind a tree root on his long journey and was hurting badly, his first visit was to Dr Ave’s clinic, and this is where his heart has remained ever since. He simply fell in love with Dr Ave, and they even had a grand wedding party recently. Now Mihkel and Ave live together, collecting medicinal herbs hand in hand, but from time to time, Mihkel also performs his respectable profession as a chimney sweep.


Helmi, the pig mother, is one of the greatest inventors in Lotte Village. Her latest invention is a machine for jumping over muddy puddles. Helmi could come up with a lot more inventions, but she has to keep an eye on her husband Helmut, and children Iti, Gunnar and Kusti. That’s because they love to have pillow fights all day long.


Helmut is the pig father and his greatest passion in life is having pillow fights. If it was up to him, he would have pillow fights with his kids all day long. On school days, however, he still has to perform his duties as a school principal. This job requires a lot of responsibility and Helmut takes great pride in it. Of course, he teaches a special pillow fighting class at school as well, which is everybody’s favourite subject.