Useful information


We suggest that you plan a whole day for your visit to Lotte Village. This way you can enjoy all the bustle of village life, performances, the concert, workshops and other attractions. Be sure to look at our programme before your visit in order to arrive on time and take full advantage of your day.


You don’t need to pre-book your tickets to the theme park. Tickets are available in the ticket offices of our car park and entrances as well as online.
All tickets purchased on the spot and e-tickets are valid as day passes throughout the season.
No need to print your e-ticket. Just use your smart device to display it.


Tickets that are not used during the season will not be refunded or exchanged.
Damaged tickets will be deemed invalid.


You can pay in cash (in euros) or by card in all the sales points of the theme park.


The car park of Lotte Village is open for visitors from 9:45-18:15 in summer and from 11:45-16:15 in winter. Parking is paid. You can pay at the ticket office or purchase a parking pass online. If you paid for your parking online, you will receive a parking token from the ticket checkpoint at the entrance of the theme park. You will need the token to exit the parking lot.
Before inserting the token, please make sure that the gate bar has reached its initial position. In case of problems please call the theme park information hotline +372 5885 5699 or turn to a staff member of the car park ticket office.
The car park is unmonitored.
It is forbidden to park in the parking lots next to the entrance of the theme park (except for cars with disability certificates). The local municipality has the right to tow vehicles that have been parked incorrectly.


The entrance to Lotte Village is 800 meters away from the car park.
You can enjoy a ride from the car park to the entrance and back to the car park in a mini-train, which leaves every 15 minutes. In summer, the first train from the car park embarks at 10:00 at the latest; the last train from Lotte Village back to the car park leaves at 18:15. In winter, the first train leaves the car park at 12:00 at the latest, and the last train from Lotte Village back to the car park leaves at 16:15.
You need a ticket to board the train. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket offices in the car park and entrances, and also online.


It is crucial for us that your visit to Lotte Village be smooth and fun. We have paid great attention to security. Every theme park attraction has been manufactured according to all current standards and safety norms. The staff of the theme park inspects the working order and safety of the attractions daily. There are first aid supplies in every building. In case of an accident, please turn to a staff member. All our employees have undergone first aid training.
Children in the theme park must remain under the supervision of their parent or other accompanying adult.
At the entrance of the theme park, there are stickers for toddlers in case of getting lost, where you can write the name of the child and the phone number of their parent or accompanying adult. Please place the sticker in a visible spot on the child’s clothing. This makes it easier for us to reunite the lost children with their parents.
The beach area is intended for public use, but bathe and swim at your own discretion as there is no lifeguard service.
The adventure park is for public use and climbing on the adventure trail is allowed only under the supervision of an adult.


The theme park offers seven different places to eat where you can enjoy a hefty meal or lighter snacks.
You can also take a picnic basket along from home and have a pleasant lunch in Lotte Village.
You can drink the tap water of Lotte Village and there are outdoor taps on the territory with locations marked on the theme park map.


If you need medical attention, just turn to our closest staff member – even the characters have been trained to take action in case of an emergency.
Every building of the theme park is equipped with first aid kits and there is a separate first aid room in the Pig’s House.


Very many guests visit Lotte Village on a daily basis and their attitudes towards pets differ. Therefore, we kindly ask you to respect their wishes and not bring pets along – even small and well-behaved pets are forbidden in our theme park.


There are toilets in all the major buildings of the theme park.
In all special needs toilets – in the Station Building, Lotte’s House, Rabbit’s House and under the spectator tribune under Giovanni’s House – there are diaper changing stations and larger sinks.


Our theme park is open regardless of the weather. In extreme weather conditions, however, we retain the right to close the park. In those cases, we will announce it on our social media channels and website.
In case of heavy rain or a snowstorm, the performances will take place in the houses. In winter, the beach, some attractions, shops and kiosks are closed.
On a rainy day, you can buy a rain poncho from our parking lot and Artur’s Shop.


All family members are welcome to the theme park, even the smallest ones. You can easily stroll around with your pram. In case of rain, you can leave the pram under a special shelter.
Note! Please do not enter the buildings with a pram.
To care for your children in our theme park you are welcome to visit the Pig’s House. There you can warm up your toddler’s food, breastfeed your baby and change diapers. Your little ones can also rest on sleep pillows or have fun in the playroom.
In all special needs toilets – in the Station Building, Lotte’s House, Rabbit’s House and under the spectator tribune of Giovanni’s House – there are diaper changing stations and larger sinks where you can comfortably wash your baby.


You can find information about found items from our staff members or at the e-mail address info@lottemaa.ee.
Found items are stored for one month. If you find a lost item in our theme park, please hand it over to a staff member.


Our theme park offers a wide range of activities that are doable and easily accessible for guests with special needs. Activities mostly take place outdoors; most buildings are accessible by wheelchair or other mobility aids. We continue to strive to make your visit even more comfortable.
A person accompanying guests with profound and severe disabilities can visit Lotte village free of charge.
There are parking spaces for guests with disabilities in the immediate vicinity of the train station of the theme park. The train driver will happily assist you in boarding the train, there is also plenty of room for your wheelchair and other mobility aids.
There are 5 parking spaces for people with disabilities near the entrance of the theme park. If these are not vacant, please park your vehicle in the large car park.
The roads and trails of the theme park are easily accessible by wheelchair and most buildings can be accessed by a wheelchair without assistance. In case of difficulties, our staff members are happy to help.
There is a special needs elevator in Lotte’s House, which allows you to visit the upper floors and tower of Lotte’s House.
In Giovanni’s theatre, there are spaces designated for guests with disabilities in front of the first-row seats.
There are 4 special needs toilets in the theme park: in the Station Building, Rabbit’s House, Lotte’s House and under the spectator tribune of Giovanni’s House.