Useful information


It is very important for us that your family’s visit to Lotte Village is comfortable and you have a memorable day! We have put great emphasis in safety. All theme park attractions are produced in line with all current standards and safety regulations. The staff of the theme park maintains the attractions and monitors their safety on a daily basis. Every building of the theme park has first aid equipment; in case of an accident, please contact a member of the staff. All staff have completed a first aid training and can help you in all situations.

The children in the theme park are the responsibility of the parent or accompanying adult.

The beach area is for public use, bathing and swimming at your own discretion, the beach does not have a life guard service. The premises of the Lotteland theme park are separated with a fence. We kindly recommend you write down the contact details of the parent or accompanying adult on the children’s wristbands in case they go missing. The staff of Lotteland can quickly spot children that are lost and can help your children without delay.

First aid

If you need medical assistance, do not hesitate to ask the nearest member of staff – the characters have also been trained to take action. All Lotte Village buildings have first aid equipment, the Pigs’ House has a separate room for first aid.


Many people visit Lotte Village daily and their attitudes towards pets vary. Therefore we ask for your understanding and ask you not to bring your pets to Lotte Village.


All major buildings of the theme park have toilets. All disabled toilets – in the station building, Lotte’s house, the Hares’ house, under the stands of Giovanni’s Theatre – have changing tables and larger sinks.

For parents of infants

All family members are welcome in Lotte Village, including the very smallest. You can easily move around Lotte Village with a pram. There are special shelters for prams in case of rain. P. S. We kindly ask you not to enter buildings with prams.

The Pigs’ House located at the Market Square is equipped for taking care of infants. You can warm infants’ food, breastfeed, change diapers, rest on the soft sleeping pillows or play in the playroom.

All disabled toilets – in the station building, Lotte’s house, the Hares’ house, under the stands of Giovanni’s Theatre – have changing tables and larger sinks that make it comfortable to wash infants.

Lost property

Ask for information on lost items from the staff or e-mail info@lottemaa.ee. Found items will be kept for one month. If you find an item in Lotte Village, we kindly ask you to give it to the staff of the theme park.

Visitors with special needs

Lotte Village has a wide selection of activities that are suitable and accessible for visitors with special needs. Most of the activities take place outdoors, most buildings can be accessed with wheelchairs or other mobility equipment. We are constantly striving to make your visit even more comfortable.
Accompanying adults of disabled children are granted free entry to Lotte Village.

Next to the train stop at the Lotte Village car park, you can find parking spaces for the disabled. The train driver will help you get on board, the train will also fit wheelchairs and other equipment.

Entrance of Lotte Village  – Five parking spaces near the train stop are reserved for the disabled. If these are occupied, you will have to park your car in the car park.

The roads of Lotte Village allow you to move around comfortably in a wheelchair, most buildings can also be accessed with a wheelchair independently. Our staff will help you where this is not possible.

There is a lift for the disabled in Lotte’s house, enabling you to move around the upper floors and tower of the house.

Giovanni’s Theatre has places for wheelchairs in front of the benches of the first row.
There are four toilets for the disabled in Lotte Village in total: the station building, the Hares’ House, Lotte’s house and under the stands of Giovanni’s Theatre.