at 15.00

It’s an unusual start to the morning in Gadgetville. The villagers didn’t sleep well last night. The Moon looked like a giant sparkling pancake and strange noises were coming from it. Adalbert the Rabbit tossed and turned all night long, counting carrots, while Jaak the Fly got so agitated that even his dear wife couldn’t get any sleep. Meanwhile, Klaus the old travel dog sat in his suitcase, pondering how to solve the puzzle, and Leo the Seal climbed up to the boathouse roof trying to make out the surface of the Moon with his telescope. By morning, everyone was completely exhausted, which naturally led to some bickering.

Fortunately, Jaak the Fly has an old friend and classmate, Juku the Blowfly, who actually lives on the Moon. Juku flew to the Moon with a cardboard rocket and is now writing a book there. After all, writers need to change things up a little too.

The villagers already understand that strange things are happening on the Moon. But will Jaak the Fly succeed at getting some information from Juku, will it affect the everyday life in Gadgetville and will the clever puppy girl Lotte come up with something exciting again – all of this and more will be revealed when you come to watch the performance!

Location: Giovanni’s Stage