We are open from 10 June to 27 August every day from 10.00 to 18.00!

10.00 Opening of Lotte Village Theme Park
10.00-17.30 Planetarium at the Rabbits’ House – Audiovisual story about the secrets of outer space (Estonian, Russian, English, Latvian)
10.00-18.00 Stadium – Sports games with Gadgetville residents and friends
10.15-11.00 Jaak the Fly’s House – Noise-making workshop with Jaak the Fly
11.00 Rabbits’ House – Ballet class with Sohvi and Adalbert
11.15 Bruno’s House – Merry singalong with Paula
11.30 Stadium – Relay races with Mati and Benita
11.45 Stadium – Mati’s marathon through Gadgetville
12.00 Alex’s Power StationPerformance “Exciting Invention”
12.15 Bruno’s House – Little music lesson with Paula
12.30 Lotte’s House – A tour with Anna and Lotte in the dogs’ house
13.00 Klaus’s StorygroundPerformance “Mysterious Moon”
13.30 Fairground – Fun games for children with Lotte, Bruno ja Albert!
14.00 Giovanni’s House TerracePerformance “Wash Day”
14.30 Fairground – Pillow fight class with the pig family
14.30 Bruno’s House/Rabbits’ House – Dance and singing class with Paula and Sohvi
14.30 Lotte’s House – Anna’s garden story for little green thumbs
15.00 Giovanni’s Stage Performance “Lotte’s and Roosi’s Trip to the Moon”
16.00 FairgroundGRAND CONCERT
16.30 Fairground – Procession of the trousers
16.45 Stadium – Late afternoon sports games with villagers
17.00 Dr Ave’s Clinic Performance “Adalbert in the Grip of Stress”
17.30 Jaak’s House – Some bedtime mayhem!
18.00 Closing of Lotte Village Theme Park