Lotte Village Theme Park is a fairy-tale setting near the most beautiful Estonian resort town of Pärnu, with fun activities for you and your family all day long.

The key character in the theme park is the puppy girl Lotte – a curious and fun-loving pup who lives in a small village by the sea. As the most popular pastime in the village is inventing useful gadgets, it is called Gadgetville. Various animals live in Gadgetville, or Lotte Village: dogs, cats, rabbits, foxes, ladybirds and many more. Throughout the long and cold winters, the villagers invent new and interesting things. Everybody wants to win the main award at the great invention competition in summer. Lotte’s father, Oskar, has won the cup four times! His main inventions include a sugar machine, a dreamcatcher, a back-scratching machine and a wind-up washing machine.

Lotte Village is a theme park that extends over 12 hectares and offers numerous exciting events – you can have fun in the adventure park in the forest, wander in the Rabbits’ maze, learn about the universe in the mystical planetarium, make music in the singing lessons with Paula the Cat Mother, play sports with Mati the Cat Father in the lively stadium, create exciting inventions with Oskar the Dog Father, play games with puppy girl Lotte, Bruno the Kitten and Albert the Young Rabbit, and also watch several humorous shows across the day. In addition, you can visit the villagers’ bright and colourful houses and sing together with the villagers at the great fair concert.

Furthermore, you can also lie on the beach, splash in the sea and enjoy tasty meals and refreshing drinks in our cafés.

Lotte was created by two well-known Estonian animators, Heiki Ernits and Janno Põldma. There have also been several animated films, musicals and plays about Lotte.

The unique feature of Lotte’s story lies in its lack of violence and respectful treatment of all the quirky characters just the way they are. The leading motto for our activities in Lotte Village is “Goodness makes life better”.

The visitors are welcome to the theme park every day at 10.00–18.00 from 13 June to 30 August.

There are fun activities for young and old alike, although it is primarily meant for children aged 3–12 and their cool parents.

For further information visit www.lottemaa.ee