Gamma Rays


Today, everybody is in a good mood, waiting for Adalbert’s party.
Väino, however, is grumpy. He also has a birthday, but he hasn’t been able to make brown bread with his bread machine for the past ten years. He has got everything else but brown bread. What a dreadful birthday!
Jaak the Fly is not just a chatterbox but also a man of serious deeds. Everybody, up and at ‘em in the morning, and chop-chop to bed in the evening! And when Jaak strolls past Väino, it’s as clear as day for him why Väino has not succeeded in making brown bread. Before Väino can follow Jaak’s advice, Alex the Polar Bear arrives with an exciting discovery and readily shares his knowledge with everybody. Again, Alex’s invention is useful for the entire village. Isn’t he a smart guy?
And wherever new and exciting inventions are demonstrated, Adalbert is sure to be there as well!

Location: Alex’s Power Station

Invitation to the Jubilee


It’s an ordinary morning in Gadgetville when all of a sudden and out of the blue, a flock of unknown birds arrives in the village. They are a famous vocal ensemble who travel from place to place and event to event when there is cause to celebrate and when they are invited. And now they have received an invitation with a rather mysterious message on it.
One thing is clear, though: there is a birthday celebration and there is someone who expects them to perform at their party. Unfortunately, the birds don’t know whose birthday celebration it is and where the party is taking place, so they start their search in Gadgetville.
Just like every morning, Klaus and Leo also wake up and after a little tug-of-war they remember that Adalbert has a birthday, a grand jubilee, today, but they don’t have a gift for him. Both men have seen the world, their heads are full of ideas and together they rack their brains to find the perfect solution. Naturally, the iron ducks stop by and are also included in preparing the gift.
What sort of wonderful gift will this creative bunch come up with? Find out at the performance!

Location: Klaus’s Storyground

Commotion with the Jubilee Song


Julia and Giovanni have sent their son Garibaldi on a trip. Giovanni’s brother Giuseppe is a skyfox and flies around in a house attached to an air balloon. This time he also took little Garibaldi along on his summer trip. So, all of a sudden Julia and Giovanni have lots of time on their hands. But before they can settle into holiday mode, they remember that it’s Adalbert’s birthday and they don’t even have a gift. For smart foxes such as them, it’s not an issue at all, for what can be a better gift than an experience, and what can be a better experience than a dance?
Giovanni and Julia decide to create a new dance and perform it for Adalbert at his party. However, they cannot focus on inventing their dance in peace because their creative process is interrupted by all sorts of disturbing factors.
Will they be able to finish their dance and what’s up with those birds? Find out at the performance!

Location: Giovanni’s Terrace

Lotte and Albert in the Dream World


Adalbert the Rabbit has a wonderful celebration and Lotte, Bruno, Albert and Roosi are rehearsing for their performance in the evening. Suddenly, Adalbert arrives, all worked up, and complains to the children that his brother Engelbert is still mad about a quarrel they had as children, and that he is probably not coming to the party at all. Instead, he has gone and hidden himself in the dream world and is not planning to wake up any time soon.
Lotte thinks that the problem can be solved and decides to travel to the dream world to talk to Adalbert’s brother. In a smart move, she also takes little Albert along – maybe this will melt Engelbert’s heart and he will forgive his brother for the childhood quarrel.
The dream world is a beautiful, weird and slightly confusing place where all beings are free to be who they’d like to be in the real world.
Engelbert is also enjoying his life in the dream world and doesn’t want to go back to reality.
Will the situation find a solution and will Engelbert make it to Adalbert’s birthday party? All will be revealed at the performance.

Location: Giovanni’s Theatre

Jubilee Song


Adalbert is exhausted after his big celebration and goes to Dr. Ave to get medicine for exhaustion. Naturally, Ave has the right medicine and soon Adalbert is lying on the doctor’s couch where he receives a hefty dose of good energy and anti-exhaustion vitamins. It’s so invigorating that Adalbert even dozes off.
Meanwhile, the bird ensemble arrives without having found the party or the person celebrating it and is utterly and completely tired from trying. So tired, in fact, that they don’t know where they’ve arrived and who they’re even looking for.
Fortunately, things have a way of working themselves out and when Pauliine and Hubert also walk by the clinic, their conversation reveals why the bird ensemble could not find the birthday celebration or the hero of the day.
All’s well that ends well, and a happy ending deserves a beautiful song. Long live the birthday party and Adalbert the Rabbit!

Location: Ave’s Clinic