A group visit to Lottemaa

Gather a group of friends and organize an event at Lotte Village!

Special offer for groups:

CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND ticket 20 €/per person
(regular price 22 €/per person)
Ticket for visitor aged 2 and older.

The offer is valid:
– for visiting Lotte Village during opening times 16.-17.12.23 | 26.-30.12.23 | 05.-07.01.24
– for groups of at least 20 people
– for booking at least 5 work days before arrival and paying by prepayment invoice

For additional cost:
– Use of the characters’ houses up to 2 hours after the closing time of the theme park 300 €/1h
– Snacks, coffee, tea
– Catering
– Parking 3 €/day per car
– A train trip from the parking lot to the Gadgetville’s gate and back 2 €/1 way /1 person
– Thematic Lotte Village gifts from Artur’s shop, see the options here »
– Accommodation in Pärnu with breakfast and spa at Strand SPA & Conference Hotel

All prices contain VAT!
Additional information and booking: tellimine@lottemaa.ee