Rules for Visitors

By purchasing a ticket of the Lotte Village theme park, you are confirming that you have read and agree with the internal rules of the theme park.

  • The day ticket or hand stamp allows you to visit the theme park on the specific date you exchange the ticket for the stamp.
  • The staff of the theme park has the right to check hand stamp and if a visitor fails to present one, to escort them out of the premises of the theme park.
  • The theme park recommends writing the phone number of the parent or accompanying adult on the children’s sticker.
  • The children in the theme park are the responsibility of the parent or accompanying adult.
  • The parents, guardians or accompanying adults are obligated to keep an eye on the children they accompany in the theme park. The staff of Lotte Village takes no responsibility for and does not monitor children on the premises and attractions.
  • The beach area is for public use, bathing and swimming at your own discretion, the beach does not have a life guard service.
  • The visitor car park is paid, the car park is not guarded.
  • Please be polite to all visitors of the theme park and playmates and follow the general rules of good conduct and manners.
  • Pets are not allowed in the theme park.
  • Bicycles, skateboards and rollerskates etc are not allowed on the premises of the theme park.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the premises of the theme park (except in designated areas).
  • Damaging and plundering the trees, bushes, flowers, mushrooms etc in the park is prohibited.
  • Use the attractions, games and other equipment in the park carefully and responsibly.
  • Do not litter and always put litter in trash bins.
  • We kindly ask the visitors not to enter the buildings, areas or rooms of the theme park that are closed to the public without the permission of the custodian, owner, or user.
  • Notify a member of the staff immediately in case of an accident, when someone has gotten hurt, or you notice something dangerous – violation of rules, flooding, a fire etc.
  • Take found items to a member of the staff. We keep found items for one calendar month.
  • Keep an eye on the personal belongings of the children (bags, mobile phones, keys etc). The Lotte Village theme park is not responsible for damages related to the the loss, theft or damaging of the personal belongings of visitors.
  • The staff of the theme park has the right to remove guests who do not comply with the internal rules of the park.
  • The staff of the theme park is always ready to explain the requirements and recommendations of the internal rules. In case of problems, we recommend contacting a member of the staff immediately. We are eager to help!
  • Security cameras are installed in the park for your safety.