Masha is a young bear girl who is also a fairly recent arrival to Gadgetville. Before this, she used to live in St Petersburg, quite close to a cinema. Masha loved cartoons so much that she used to watch every cartoon that ever ran in the cinema, even peeking through the wall cracks to just catch a glimpse. She was particularly fond of the cartoon about Lotte from Gadgetville and she wanted to know if such a lovely village actually existed. So, she set out on a journey and finally arrived in Gadgetville. On her first day, Masha was very shy and peered at village life from behind a bush, but soon she realised that the residents of Gadgetville are indeed very friendly, and dared to come out. She became friends with everyone and now also lives in Gadgetville. As Masha is fluent in Russian, she makes a lot of friends among the Russian-speaking children in the village.