• 10.00-18.00
We are open Sat and Sun until 01.10

Winter Wonderland


Lotte Village will host this year’s largest Christmas event in Estonia where Gadgetville will become a real winter wonderland. All the villagers’ homes, gardens and forest trails will be decorated, and they will put on fun Christmas plays for visitors. Visit Lotte Village with the whole family, where you will be greeted by kind villagers and a cosy Christmas atmosphere.

And if it happens to be wet or freezing outside, it will be warm and nice inside where all the fun takes place.

Things you can do at Lotte Village Winter Wonderland:
¤ invent things with Oskar in his shed
¤ watch and take part in the Christmas plays
¤ have fun and sing with the villagers
¤ play winter sports with Bruno’s father, Mati
¤ do handicraft at Lotte Village’s workshops
¤ play with Lotte and her friends
¤ wander along an adventure trail
¤ enjoy warm soup and tasty pastries
¤ meet Wolfgand, Gadgetville’s Christmas Rabbit
And no Winter Wonderland would be complete without warm hugs, nice get-togethers with old and new friends, picture-taking and people enjoying the time together!


To book a group visit, please email us at tellimine@lottemaa.ee