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or who are the people who invented Gadgetville?

the answer – Heiki Ernits and Janno Põldma.

Heiki Ernits and Janno Põldma had made quite a few cartoons at the Eesti Joonisfilm studio when they had an idea to make a film of the playful dog Lotte.

So in 2000, the television series Lotte’s Journey South was broadcast. The series became popular and in 2006, the full-length film Lotte of Gadgetville was completed. This was followed on 2011 by the full-length film Lotte and the Moonstone Secret.

Both films were successful, won numerous international awards and were sold to more than 50 countries. The theatre Vanemuine produced three musicals about Lotte; Lotte the Detective, Lotte the Astronaut, and Lotte in the Dream World. Several books were written about Lotte. More and more, the authors of Lotte began dreaming about the future Lotte Village. One day, fate led them to Rein Malsub, the man who would make Lotte Village a reality and become its manager. This was the beginning of a long and exciting journey that ended with the construction of Lotte Village in Tahkuranna.